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December 2016 Archives

Alleged missed diagnosis leads to lawsuit in Illinois

Illinois residents who are having a health problem have enough to think about without wondering whether the diagnosis and treatment -- or lack thereof - that they received was accurate. Unfortunately, there are far too many instances in which there is a missed diagnosis that leads to a patient growing worse than he or she otherwise would have been had the diagnosis and treatment plan been accurate. In some instances, there will be a death and the family will need to come to grips with the loss of a loved one. Those who are affected by this form of mistake have the right to consider a medical malpractice lawsuit to be compensated.

Risk of automobile accident increases with lack of sleep

Drivers in Illinois and across the U.S. will undoubtedly understand the dangers of driving under the influence, operating their vehicles in a negligent manner, or behaving recklessly when behind the wheel. What is often understated is how important it is to get the proper amount of rest before driving and what the consequences can be if this reality is ignored. Recent studies have indicated that drivers who do not get enough sleep are at twice the risk of a car crash than they would otherwise be. This can be an important factor if there is a car accident with injuries or a fatal car accident and the investigation is seeking to discover how and why it happened.

Elderly woman suffers broken bones in hit-and-run crash

Illinois drivers might not expect to be in a car accident, but there are times when they are unavoidable. With that, there is the fundamental necessity to stop and check that the others involved in the crash are uninjured. If they are indeed hurt, the person is supposed to call for help, wait at the scene, exchange information and follow the law. Unfortunately, there are times when an automobile accident occurs and one of the drivers decides to flee the scene making it a hit-and-run. Whether there are injuries or it was a fatal car accident, those who were involved need to know what to do in such a circumstance.

Decubitus Ulcers due to Nursing Home Negligence

While many kids will try to take care of their parents as they get older, many people simply do not have the resources available to care for their loved ones as they age. This could be due to financial reasons or because their loved ones require professional medical care that can no longer be delivered in the home.

Investigation into driver behavior shows troubling Midwest trend

Research is ongoing to determine how and why car accidents happen and to determine ways to prevent them. For Illinois drivers, there are certain activities that can lead to a greater risk of being in a crash. These crashes can result in injuries with significant medical expenses and the loss of a loved one in a fatal car accident. Some research is indicating that those in Illinois and throughout the Midwest are in greater danger than people in other parts of the U.S.

Missed diagnosis of skin problem can lead to needless treatment

Certain medical issues suffered by Illinois residents might not sound particularly serious when they are diagnosed and the treatment often sounds as if it is innocuous. However, any mistaken diagnosis can turn a patient into a victim and result in injury, illness and long-term problems. In a worst case scenario, it can lead to a person dying as a result of the mistake. One example is cellulitis. The bacterial skin condition requires antibiotics and sometimes hospitalization. Those who have been misdiagnosed need to know they might have the foundation to file a lawsuit based on medical negligence.

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