If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, it is important that you begin looking out for your best interests.

Vigorously Defending Your Civil Rights

Civil rights give individual citizens certain protections. These protections are sometimes a matter of life and death. When someone violates these rights, they undermine your freedom and safety.

Throughout Elgin and the Chicago area, Kent M. Lucaccioni, Ltd. will advocate for you. We know what is at stake when police, courts or others violate your civil rights. No matter where you are in life, your civil rights are worthy of preservation.

Recognizing When Your Civil Rights Are In Danger

Civil rights cases are a distinct type of rights violations. Civil rights typically apply to specific classes, such as race and age, or constitutional rights. While the Constitution provides many of your civil rights, it does not fully list all your civil rights.

Some of the most common civil rights cases concern:

  • Privacy and due process, which relate to the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments
  • Freedom of speech, religion and peaceful assembly, which relates to the First Amendment
  • Protection against cruel and unusual punishment, which relates to the Eighth Amendment
  • Protection against discrimination in housing, employment and finances under both the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Illinois Human Rights Act

From illegal search and seizure to wrongful termination, civil rights violations can cause serious damage. Our attorneys understand the many important rights you have under the law, and we are prepared to guard them.

Protect Your Rights No Matter The Circumstances

Kent Lucaccioni represents those who have civil rights claims involving:

  • Police misconduct, such as racial profiling
  • Police violence or shootings
  • Wrongful death at the hands of law enforcement
  • Prison abuse or neglect involving corrections officers
  • Errors within the court system, such as extensive delays for court hearings or mistakes that lead to a wrongful conviction
  • Discrimination based on religion, race, pregnancy or another protected class

We can evaluate the degree to which you experienced a violation of your civil rights and build a strategy for your protection. Our attorneys have extensive trial experience representing individuals against powerful opposition, including the government.

The Process Is Complex, But We Know What To Do

Depending on your case, you might need to file a formal complaint with a government agency before you can pursue a lawsuit to hold the other party accountable. The government agency may need a chance to conduct its own investigation before allowing the lawsuit to proceed.

We can help you build your case from the beginning. To succeed in a civil rights lawsuit, you will need a “preponderance of the evidence.” This term means that, based on your evidence, it makes more sense that a civil rights violation occurred than the contrary. Our lawyers focus on thorough preparation; we can help you collect and analyze the evidence.

Call An Experienced Civil Rights Lawyer

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