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June 2016 Archives

Nursing home abuse can come from fellow residents

Illinois families who make the decision to place a loved one in a nursing home will not do so lightly. There are many issues that can lead to a person requiring constant care at a facility: from a family being unable to provide adequate care themselves to a person who has medical problems that make living in a nursing home a necessity. One issue that should be a concern to those who place a loved one in a facility is nursing home abuse. Abuse can take many different forms, from physical to emotional to sexual. Often, this is associated with employees at the institution, but a new study is indicating that abuse also occurs at the hands of other nursing home residents.

Teen killed in car accident while mowing lawn

Car accidents in Illinois often involve those who are sharing the road. However, these incidents can happen under any circumstances and affect people who are simply minding their own business, taking care of other tasks nowhere near the road, or even in their homes. An out-of-control vehicle, a crash due to DWI, or weather-related circumstances can send a vehicle careening onto sidewalks, into buildings, and into other areas where vehicles and accidents are unlikely and unexpected. Given the lack of protection pedestrians possess, there is a greater risk for serious injury and death after such an automobile accident, as can be seen in one recent incident

Steps employers should take to avoid a work-related accident

It is an unfortunate reality that workers in Illinois and throughout the United States can be injured or killed in a work-related accident. Understanding the frequency of certain injuries, the types of injuries that can result, and the highest risk factors associated with workplace accidents can assist when trying to take precautions. Sometimes, though, these tragic accidents happen anyway. When the worst case scenario comes to pass and a worker dies, his or her surviving family needs to be cognizant of any mistakes the employer might have made when it came to safety so they can address whether or not legal action is justified.

Illinois hit-and-run kills woman and injures her husband

Traffic laws are in place in Illinois and across the U.S. to make sure that drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians share the road and are as safe as possible. When one of these laws is violated, it can lead to an accident with serious injuries and even death. In some instances, a person who is involved in an automobile accident might choose to leave the scene. When there is a hit-and-ru crash, it is important that a full investigation takes place.

Study looks into online medical mistakes

For patients in Illinois and across the U.S., new technology that allows medical visits to be completed over the internet might seem convenient. These programs, however, are still in their infancy and research is continuing to determine their safety and usefulness. One particular study has looked into websites in California that are meant to replace a trip to the dermatologist with what is known as "teledermatology." In this study, 16 of these websites gave recommendations that were against practical guidelines, made wrong diagnoses, and did not give necessary information regarding potential side effects and pregnancy dangers of prescriptions.

Medical malpractice death shown to be a common issue

Recent research has shined a light on the frequency of people who die because of medical malpractice. This is an issue that can affect people in Illinois and throughout the U.S., and other studies have corroborated the determination that the number of death claims are the most frequently issued claims of hospital liability. This study was completed by an insurance company even before the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine study as to the commonality of death of a patient due to a medical mistake.

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