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Missed diagnosis of skin problem can lead to needless treatment

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Certain medical issues suffered by Illinois residents might not sound particularly serious when they are diagnosed and the treatment often sounds as if it is innocuous. However, any mistaken diagnosis can turn a patient into a victim and result in injury, illness and long-term problems. In a worst case scenario, it can lead to a person dying as a result of the mistake. One example is cellulitis. The bacterial skin condition requires antibiotics and sometimes hospitalization. Those who have been misdiagnosed need to know they might have the foundation to file a lawsuit based on medical negligence.

Research has shown that one-third of people who receive a diagnosis of having cellulitis do not have it. The study spanned 30 months and examined the records of 259 people who required hospitalization for cellulitis in their lower extremities. It was found that 79 did not have it at all. Eighty-five percent did not need to be hospitalized. Ninety-two percent did not require antibiotics. An estimate by the researchers suggests that approximately 130,000 incidents of needless hospitalizations take place. The cost of these unnecessary medical treatments and hospitalizations has risen to as much as $515 million.

Regarding antibiotics and needlessly placing people in hospitals, there is a danger of infections which can lead to fatalities. Cellulitis is challenging for medical professionals as it can actually be pseudo cellulitis. It is said that speaking to a dermatologist can avoid this mistake. Cellulitis can stem from bacteria due to a burn, wound, surgical cut or bruise. Its symptoms are swelling of the glands or lymph nodes, fever and chills and a tender rash.

With a medical problem such as cellulitis, or any other issue, the wrong diagnosis can lead to a series of other problems that were unnecessary. People who have become ill or lost a loved one because of missed diagnosis of any condition, illness or injury should make sure they are protected. These mistakes can result in massive costs and other problems that can influence a person or family forever. Speaking to a legal professional about a lawsuit can provide information on whether there is the basis for a lawsuit and assist in proceeding.

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