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Cook County Wrongful Death Law Blog

Drivers have a responsibility to slow down in the snow and ice

A previous post on this blog discussed how relatively recent icy and snowy conditions in the Chicago area left at least one person dead. With spring still several weeks away, it is highly possible that the area will see more wintry weather and the slick roads that come with those conditions.

While one hopes that that the City of Chicago and surrounding communities, as well as Illinois highway authorities, keep the roads as clear as possible, it is important they cannot do so instantaneously after a snowfall or freeze.

Slick roads cause accidents, at least one fatal, in Cook County

Icy road conditions recently struck Cook County and other parts of the greater Chicago area recently and have been blamed for car accidents across the area. Unfortunately, at least one of these accidents ended with a fatality.

Police say that winter precipitation left a thin coat of ice on many of the city's roads, particularly on the south side of the city, even though highway officials did what they could to lay down chemical treatments designed to keep the roads safe. People reported cars spinning out and winding up in culverts across the city.

Doctors errors during childbirth can cause cerebral palsy

No parent in the Chicago area wants to see their child suffer from cerebral palsy. In the most serious cases of this condition, it can leave a child unable to walk or function; the child will need constant medical care and attention throughout his or her life.

Even in relatively minor cases, cerebral palsy will leave child experiencing difficulties with walking and will likely not be able to enjoy life and common childhood activities as would children who do not have this condition.

Nursing homes' penalties for violations decreased

Partially in response to a lobbying effort by a trade association representing nursing homes, the federal administrative agency in charge of Medicare and Medicaid has changed its approach to fining nursing homes which are caught not properly caring for patients.

The end result will be fewer and lower fines for nursing home abuse or neglect, meaning Cook County nursing homes have one less incentive to avoid shortcuts and ensure that patients get the quality care they deserve.

Why do OSHA violations matter after a worker's death?

Previous posts on this blog have talked about how the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration protects Illinois workers by enforcing safety standards which private employers in the Chicago area and, for that matter, throughout the state, have to follow.

Likewise, Illinois has a similar state agency dedicated to ensuring that state and local government workers have safe and healthy environments in which to work.

When nursing home staff do not notice things, we do

A previous post on this blog talked about how malnutrition in nursing homes is way too common in Illinois. Making matters worse, malnutrition cases in nursing homes are preventable as usually, a little bit of awareness on the part of the nursing home's staff can stop a case of malnutrition from developing.

There are many reasons why nursing home staff members do not notice when a patient is not getting enough to eat or drink, but none of these reasons are really excuses. If a family suspects their loved one has been the victim of malnourishment, the family can and should evaluate their legal options and consider filing a lawsuit against the nursing home.

Home health care can be good or place you at risk for injury

You may be among many others in Illinois who currently suffer or are recovering from an adverse health condition. As you know, some situations necessitate repeated medical visits, surgery or extended hospital stays while others allow you to recuperate at home. Just because you are able to address your health care needs in the privacy and comfort of your own home, however, doesn't mean you are fully equipped or able to do so, independently. Home health care may be a viable option.

In-home care may be beneficial as you attempt to achieve as full a recovery as possible or obtain the highest quality of living you can in light of a chronic condition. Just the thought of not having to spend weeks in a hospital or permanently reside in a nursing home may be enough to make you want to try a visiting health care provider arrangement. When exploring such options, it's crucial to keep in mind the potential problems that may arise with in-home health care as well.

Chicago-area accident leaves 1 dead, 3 hospitalized

A recent accident at an intersection in the suburbs west of Chicago killed one man and left three others with injuries significant enough to require hospitalization.

According to reports, one driver was heading north and was driving in an erratic manner, although police have not said that drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident. The northbound driver went through a red light at the intersection and, as a result, collided with three different vehicles, all of who were traveling west through the intersection and, presumably, had the right-of-way.

What could cause malnutrition in a nursing home?

One type of neglect that is, sadly, too common in Illinois nursing homes, including those in the greater Chicago area, occurs when the nursing home's patients are malnourished or dehydrated. While it is never excusable for a nursing home patient to suffer from malnutrition or dehydration, it is also rarely the intent of a nursing home employee to starve one of their patients or deprive them of the water. As such, the question becomes, what exactly leads to a patient getting seriously ill or dying because of malnutrition?

Often, malnutrition happens because staff members do not pay attention, or they are unable to do so because of a heavy workload. Miscommunications or improper training are also reasons.

Overview of dram shop liability in Illinois

Previous posts on this blog have discussed how the family of a Cook County resident killed in a fatal drunk driving accident can seek compensation from the responsible for compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit. This is true no matter what the outcome of the drunk driver's criminal case is.

However, families are not limited to suing just the drunk driver, assuming of course the car accident was caused by alcohol. After all, a drunk driver may not have any means of paying the victim's family after a lawsuit and may also not have enough insurance to cover the family's losses.

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