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Month: August 2019

Elder Justice Act needs to be strengthened

The Elder Justice Act was passed in March 2010 and faces its 10th anniversary. It was intended to prevent elder abuse, neglect and financial exploitation. But this law was underfunded and inadequately enforced and needs more attention.This law received less than 10%...

Most bed sores are preventable

While you'd like to be able to stay with your parent 24/7 at the nursing home where he or she resides, you know it's not possible. In fact, that's likely one of the many reasons you spent so much time trying to find the facility that seemed to be the best fit for your...

Construction fall deaths persists

Government agencies and safety advocacy groups have taken steps to combat construction negligence. A recent report showed that the number of construction fall deaths increased from 2011 to 2017. Falls are the top cause of construction deaths. From 2011 to 2017, all...

Care center fined for resident’s death

Nursing homes must remain constantly on guard to protect their residents against dangers that are unique to those facilities. Any neglect can have deadly consequences. The Illinois Department of Health recently fined a Springfield intermediate-care center $10,000 for...


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