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Your Advocates For Civil Claims Of Sexual Abuse And Assault

While sexual assault and abuse are criminal acts, criminal penalties do not provide direct relief to the person whom the crime affected. Fortunately, there is another legal option: civil claims. In civil court, you can seek compensation for the major losses you have suffered due to sexual abuse.

At Kent M. Lucaccioni, Ltd., we understand how difficult these civil lawsuits can be. Our Chicago-based attorneys bring professionalism, dedication and experience to sexual abuse claims. We will seek to obtain both justice and compensation for sexually abused survivors to provide resources need for therapy, medical care and other types of damages.

Protecting Children And Fighting Childhood Abuse

Our law firm works with both children and adults who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood. We understand that sexual abuse can cause significant trauma and physical injury at a young age, impacting the child for many years afterward.

Sometimes, teens and adults can only recognize an experience in childhood as sexual abuse years after it occurred. You may still have options, however. Illinois removed all prior statute of limitations that applied to sexual abuse cases. Legislators understand the mental and psychological stress that abuse places on victims, and that it may take a significant amount of time for victims to be able to recognize and articulate the experienced abuse.

This provides victims the freedom to bring forward a civil lawsuit or criminal charges against their perpetrators when they are ready to do so. We will work with you to overcome the challenges of these lawsuits.

In addition, when pursuing a claim for sexual abuse, we can file a lawsuit with the victim’s name as “Jane Doe” or “John Doe” to keep the victim’s identity confidential from the public.

Holding Negligent Businesses Accountable

If sexual assault takes place at a bar, restaurant, hotel, school or another type of premises, it may be possible to pursue a civil claim against the owner of the business. As with other types of injury cases, businesses may be legally responsible for dangerous premises. For example, negligent security or poor lighting in a dark area may have been a contributing factor to an assault on a customer or visitor. Alternatively, nursing homes, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, religious organizations, schools, work place, athletic associations or other types of institutions may be held liable for failing to perform background checks or screenings, taking reports of sexual misconduct seriously and reporting the circumstances or disciplining staff.

Pursuing a claim against a business or institution can be complex, but our lawyers can help you gather evidence and build a compelling claim.

Clear Answers And Dependable Representation

Kent M. Lucaccioni, Ltd., can work with you after recent or childhood sexual abuse. Our attorneys will stand on your side. Call 877-930-2551 or email us to schedule a confidential consultation at one of our Illinois offices.