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Truck accident involving spilled chemicals turns fatal

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2024 | Truck Accidents

Trucks are used to transport many different goods throughout Illinois and beyond. Some of these goods are hazardous, which is one of the many reasons truck drivers must be extra cautious when navigating their oversized vehicles. When a truck carrying hazardous chemicals crashes, the people involved in the crash, along with others in the vicinity of the crash may suffer injuries. One such accident, that happened last year, may bring about changes in the way chemicals are transported.  

Crash details 

A truck carrying thousands of gallons of anhydrous ammonia crashed near the village of Teutopolis in September of last year. The truck turned over while traveling on U.S. Highway 40. Investigation into the accident shows that the truck veered off the road, causing the truck driver to overreact and lose control of the truck. It then struck a trailer that parked in a ditch, leading to the leak. 

The impact of the crash caused a chemical leak where a plume of noxious gas was released over the area. Many residents in the rural community were forced to evacuate until the spill could be cleaned up. Five people, including two children, were killed and multiple people were injured.  

Where to turn for help after a deadly accident 

Not all fatal truck accidents are caused by negligence, but those that are may leave a grieving family behind with many questions about their loved one’s death. Illinois families who’ve lost a loved one in a tragic accident should be aware of their rights in seeking financial compensation on behalf of a deceased loved one. By speaking with a personal injury attorney, families can better understand their options and decide if filing a civil lawsuit against the negligent driver is the best approach.  


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