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Fractures are common types of birth injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2023 | Birth Injuries

When an Illinois couple is expecting a child, they may worry about common concerns like facing sleepless nights and being unable to afford childcare. Parents shouldn’t have to worry about their baby being injured at birth due to medical negligence. Sadly, this does happen sometimes, and many injuries are orthopedic. While some birth injuries heal quickly, others can have lifelong consequences for the child.  

Fractures during birth 

Many birth injuries happen when the baby is positioned in a certain way during birth. One of the most common birth injuries is a clavicle, or collarbone fracture. This type of injury is usually not serious and can be treated quickly. Growth plate fractures and femur fractures are also common birth injuries.  

Birth injuries can happen when a medical care provider does not use proper caution during the birth. If a provider pulls on the baby or otherwise mishandles them, fractures can occur. While not all birth injuries are due to medical negligence, those that are can often have lifelong effects on the child. Serious birth injuries can lead to disabilities and negatively impact the child’s quality of life as they grow. 

What to do after a birth injury 

No parent wants to face a situation where their healthy baby was injured due to medical negligence. This can be very traumatic for the entire family, leaving them feeling confused about where to turn for help. If an Illinois parent believes their child’s birth injury was due to medical malpractice, speaking with an attorney can guide how best to address the situation legally. Compensation from a successful civil lawsuit can provide funds to help parents care for their injured child.  


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