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Staying safe on the roads during winter

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2023 | Car Accidents

Illinois drivers often see inclement weather starting in the fall and lasting into early spring. Snow and ice can make roadways difficult to navigate, especially for drivers who aren’t used to driving in inclement weather. Staying off the roads when it is snowy or icy simply isn’t an option for many people so it’s helpful for all drivers to know how to drive safely when road conditions are not ideal. 

Driving safely on snow and ice 

Anyone who has driven in Illinois during winter has likely seen hazardous conditions on the roads. Even experienced drivers can have trouble driving on snow and especially ice. It’s important to clear windows, windshields, and mirrors of snow and ice before driving. One of the best ways to stay safe is to take one’s time and drive slowly. Be sure to leave enough room to stop between one’s own vehicle and the vehicle in front.  

Those who live in an area that gets much winter precipitation may wish to take steps to winterize their vehicle. Be familiar with how to use four-wheel-drive when a vehicle is equipped with it. Using snow tires or chains can also be helpful in some conditions. In case of an emergency, keeping one’s vehicle well-stocked with blankets, food, water, and other supplies will ensure that the driver and passengers will be safe until help arrives. 

What to do when an accident happens 

Sometimes even the most cautious of drivers is involved in an accident because of negligence on behalf of others on the road. When this happens, it’s important that injured accident victims know where to turn for help. Illinois accident victims can consult an attorney to understand their rights and begin the process of filing a civil lawsuit for monetary damages.  


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