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How do truck rollover accidents start?

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Truck Accidents

Truck rollover accidents are a serious and often tragic occurrence on roadways. These accidents happen for a variety of reasons, many of which are due to truckers.

One way to drive safely is to understand more about how truck rollover accidents start and what factors contribute to their occurrence.

Overloading and speeding

One of the primary factors that can lead to a truck rollover accident is speeding. In fact, 29% of all fatal vehicle accidents in the United States in 2021 had speeding as a factor. When a truck is traveling at high speeds, especially around curves or on uneven terrain, it becomes more difficult for the driver to maintain control. The centrifugal force generated during sharp turns can cause the truck to tip over.

Additionally, overloading a truck with cargo can shift its center of gravity, making it more unstable. Trucks can only carry specific weights, and exceeding these limits can significantly increase the risk of a rollover.

Improper cornering

Truck drivers need to handle their vehicles safely, and improper cornering techniques contribute to rollover accidents. When a driver takes a turn too quickly or sharply, the truck’s load may shift, destabilizing the vehicle. Inexperienced drivers or those unfamiliar with the specific handling characteristics of their trucks are particularly vulnerable to this type of accident.

Issues with tire blowouts

Tire blowouts or other mechanical failures can suddenly disrupt a truck’s stability, potentially leading to a rollover. A blown tire can cause the driver to lose control, especially if it occurs on a front wheel. Regular vehicle maintenance and thorough pre-trip inspections can help prevent these issues.

Bad weather

Inclement weather, such as heavy rain, snow or ice, can make roads treacherous. Reduced traction and visibility can be especially dangerous for large trucks. When combined with high speeds, adverse weather conditions can easily set the stage for a rollover accident.

To reduce the occurrence of truck rollovers, it is important for both truck drivers and transportation companies to prioritize safety and maintain their vehicles properly. Truckers may not know how to handle all of these dangerous situations, so education is a key aspect of this preparation.


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