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Why some might hesitate to report neglect or abuse

Those who reside in care facilities may have a right to receive a certain standard of treatment and care. However, issues such as neglect and abuse continue to affect the lives of many nursing home residents and the fallout of such treatment could affect one’s life in various ways. While there may be steps individuals in Illinois can take to protect against such issues, studies indicate that sometimes those who encounter nursing home neglect or abuse may be hesitant to step forward and confront the issue.

Possible reasons for hesitation

Recent studies indicate that those who encounter abuse or neglect may be hesitant to report the incident out of fear that it might lead to some form of retaliation. Some might fear that an incident report may anger staff members and cause them to become more aggressive. Alternatively, retaliation could also lead to further denial of everyday needs and fear of being isolated and neglected can be a challenging thing to consider.

Fear of retaliation might not only be a concern for nursing home residents, but family members of those who reside in care facilities may also encounter similar concerns. Studies indicate that similar issues may cause many incidents of abuse and neglect to go unreported. While the possibility of retaliation can be a stressful notion, finding ways to move past these fears and address the issues at hand could prove vital to protecting one’s well-being and interests.

Combating fears

When incidents of nursing home neglect or abuse arise, those who remain hesitant to report the issue might benefit from retaining the services of an attorney for advice as soon as possible. An attorney in Illinois can provide insight on a client’s legal rights and options and help empower him or her to step forward and confront the matter. Seeking such advice could prove essential to preparing to take the necessary steps to safeguard one’s well-being and to pursue any restitution to which a person may be entitled to receive.


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