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A misshapen baby scalp may be a sign of birth injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2023 | Birth Injuries

Many mothers in Illinois and beyond may become worried when they give birth and discover that their infant’s head is misshapen. In some cases, a baby’s head will look like a “cone.” However, it is a temporary condition simply caused by a baby’s head conforming to fit the shape of the birth canal. An infant’s head can do this because there are gaps known as “sutures” between the harder areas of skull. Some misshapen heads are the result of birth injuries.

If a baby is born by means of forceps or vacuum extraction, injuries may occur. Sadly, this is often the result of medical negligence. A woman expects a medical team to adhere to all safety regulations and accepted standards for quality care. If a doctor, nurse, lab technician or medical worker fails in this duty, women and babies are the ones who often suffer.

Skull fractures can cause swelling on a baby’s head

If an error occurs with forceps or vacuum extraction, it can cause a tiny skull fracture, which results in blood pooling just under the surface of an infant’s head. The result is a condition known as “caput succedaneum.” Low levels of amniotic fluid during pregnancy also place an infant at risk for such injuries.

Birth injuries occur in Illinois and throughout the country every day. When medical negligence is a causal factor, the parents or guardians of a recovering victim may seek restitution in court. If a plaintiff proves that a defendant was negligent in his or her duties, resulting in injury to a mother or child, the judge may award compensation for damages.


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