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How a traumatic brain injury might affect one’s life

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Car Accidents

There are a multitude of injuries a person in Illinois or elsewhere could suffer after being involved in a serious collision. While each type of injury runs the risk of affecting one’s life in various ways, few may have the same level of impact as a traumatic brain injury. While most people might understand that such injuries can stem from a car accident, few might be fully aware of how a traumatic brain injury could alter one’s future.

Possible effects

According to experts, traumatic brain injuries can vary widely in severity and may even affect different areas depending on the nature of the injury. In some cases, TBIs could impact one’s mobility and disrupt movement while in others, such an injury could cause one to experience issues with sensory functions such as taste or smell. Similar injuries could also come with symptoms such as frequent headaches or bouts with dizzy spells and fatigue, and some individuals may continue to experience such issues throughout life.

Along with the possible physical repercussions involved, TBIs can also affect one’s cognitive functions. Issues with memory, concentration, and even information processing are just a few examples of the possible trials of suffering such an injury. Experts also advise that similar conditions can also affect one’s behavioral patterns and lead to difficulty controlling or managing emotions.

Suffering a TBI

Individuals who suffer a traumatic brain injury in a car accident due to the actions of another driver may wish to know more about their available legal avenues, but they might not be certain where to turn for advice. Fortunately, there are attorneys in Illinois who can evaluate the incident and provide a person with insight on the next steps to take. An attorney can assist a client in preparing to seek compensation through a personal injury claim and subsequently assist him or her in navigating every step of the civil justice system.


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