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Victims of truck accidents should understand their options

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Uncategorized

Legal options are available to victims of truck accidents to protect them from the unexpected damages they may suffer. Truck accidents can result in serious harm and damages greater than those suffered in a passenger vehicle accident. While the consequences of a passenger vehicle accident can be serious, a truck accident have a higher likelihood of resulting in catastrophic injuries and damages.

Truck accidents can cause serious harm to victims and their families, as commercial vehicles can weigh 25 times what the typical passenger vehicle weighs. To help with the physical, financial and emotional damages victims and their families oftentimes suffer following a truck accident, different parties may be responsible to compensate victims for their damages through a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Parties that may be responsible for the victim’s damages, depending on the circumstances, can include the truck driver or trucking company. If either party failed to exercise due care for the safety of others sharing the roadway, they may be responsible for compensating the victim for their damages. When an employment relationship exists between the trucking company and truck driver, they may share liability for the victim’s damages. In most circumstances, insurance companies are also involved in the claims process.

Liability to victims can be a complex consideration so it is important for victims and their families to understand the personal injury claims process. Bringing a claim for damages can help truck accident victims and their families with the damages suffered after an unexpected truck accident.


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