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Home health care can be good or place you at risk for injury

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You may be among many others in Illinois who currently suffer or are recovering from an adverse health condition. As you know, some situations necessitate repeated medical visits, surgery or extended hospital stays while others allow you to recuperate at home. Just because you are able to address your health care needs in the privacy and comfort of your own home, however, doesn’t mean you are fully equipped or able to do so, independently. Home health care may be a viable option.

In-home care may be beneficial as you attempt to achieve as full a recovery as possible or obtain the highest quality of living you can in light of a chronic condition. Just the thought of not having to spend weeks in a hospital or permanently reside in a nursing home may be enough to make you want to try a visiting health care provider arrangement. When exploring such options, it’s crucial to keep in mind the potential problems that may arise with in-home health care as well.

Do your needs fall under one of these categories?

Recovering from surgery is only one type of issue that may prompt you to hire a home health care professional. The following list includes other ways in which home health care providers may help, one or more of which may pertain to your current situation:

  • If you need personal safety assistance when you venture into town or someone to periodically check in on you by phone, you may wish to speak to a nearby home health care service company to see if it provides these types of services.
  • Perhaps your health is in overall good condition but you are unable to perform tasks associated with housecleaning, repairs or cooking. An in-home care provider may be a great asset in such circumstances.
  • A home health care assistant can also assist you with your personal hygiene needs, such as grooming or bathing and can accompany you when you go outside for fresh air and exercise if you are unable to do so alone.
  • In addition to cooking, a home health care aide can provide for other dietary needs, such as shopping for food and staple supplies as well as help with meal planning.
  • Providing medical care is, of course, a major component of many home health care situations.

Just as if you were in a hospital or nursing home, entrusting your care to an in-home health care assistant involves risk. Such professionals are required to adhere to strict protocols and regulations when caring for you at home, as they are when you receive care in a licensed medical establishment or assisted living facility. If an in-home care provider is negligent and you suffer injury because of it, you may have grounds to file a medical malpractice claim against one or more parties, depending on the circumstances.


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