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Helping you navigate a medical malpractice action

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We all rely on the expertise of medical professionals to determine what is wrong when we are injured or sick and to prescribe us an appropriate treatment. Patients in Illinois trust the recommendation of our doctors and surgeons because they have gone through specialized education and training. However, even with their training and years of experience, medical professionals are still humans and subject to human errors. While they have the best interests of their patient in mind, this does not mean that an error or a mistake couldn’t slip in.

It might not be clear or apparent what is wrong with a patient in some cases, so various tests can be prescribed. It is the doctor’s hope that these tests will reveal what is wrong with a patient. However, if the wrong tests are ordered or test results are misinterpreted, a patient could suffer worsened conditions. This could occur if the ongoing ailment becomes more severe. Worsened conditions could also occur if a patient is prescribed the wrong treatment. In addition to suffering worsened conditions, a patient could also endure new ailments as well.

At our law firm we understand the devastation and pain and suffering that could follow a medical error. We are dedicated to serving patients in the Chicago area, helping them navigate a medical malpractice claim.

When medical professionals fail to uphold their standard of care or are negligent when treating a patient, this could give cause to a medical malpractice action. At our law firm, we attempt to help determine what was the underlying cause of your injuries and what parties are to blame for them. Whether it was a delayed diagnosis or a missed diagnosis, we work to uncover the documents, medical records and evidence that will help prove the liability of a medical professional.

To learn more, please visit our law firm’s medical malpractice website. While it is an unexpected event to go through, patients should understand that they are afforded rights when it come to injuries suffered at the hands of a medical professional.



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