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Five people hospitalized after multi-car accident in Chicago

by | May 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

Car accidents claim the lives of many Illinois residents every year. Despite the continual awareness programs initiated by state authorities, many car drivers violate traffic laws. Such violation of traffic regulations not only brings serious legal consequences for the car driver but may also result in devastating injuries or fatalities for the car accident victim.

The Chicago Police Department released a statement recently informing the public that a three-car accident in Englewood resulted in five of the car accident victims being taken to the hospital. The car accident occurred at approximately 5:00 in the morning. Three of the five car accident victims were seriously injured and the other two are in critical condition, according to medical authorities.

The preliminary police report revealed that the multiple-car accident occurred when one of the cars crashed into another, thereby causing a rollover car accident. Every single car involved in the multiple-car accident was affected. Almost all of the car occupants sustained some sort of injury and a few of the car accident victims were critically injured.

In many cases, authorities find that one of the car drivers may be in violation of some sort of traffic regulation, which results in a car accident. Many cases also show that the car driver had a prior history of traffic violations, driving license suspension or was involved previously in a car accident. The victim of a car accident who is seriously injured often needs expensive medical care. The victim, as well as the victim’s family members, may wish to consult a lawyer to help the person to file a civil lawsuit so that fair compensation can be obtained from the insurance company or the car driver.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “5 hospitalized after multiple-car crash in Englewood,” April 19, 2015


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