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Surgical error shocks couple seeking circumcision

| Aug 1, 2014 | Uncategorized

When surgical errors are committed, the results can be devastating. A story from Alabama could happen right here in Illinois. In a bizarre case of surgical inefficiency, a man claimed his penis was accidentally amputated during what was supposed to be a circumcision.

The man and his wife filed the allegations in state court, but the physicians involved in the claim deny the charges. They issued a statement saying the facts of the case will be revealed that support their competence and dedication and will prove their innocence. The medical caregivers maintain the man allegedly was treated for conditions related to the circumcision that led to total amputation of the penis.

The charges filed by the couple include the hospital, urology centers and clinics of negligence and malpractice. The damages they seek were not specified.

The man insists he went for a simple circumcision and when he came out of anesthesia, he discovered part of his genitalia had been removed. No explanation was given. Legal advisors for the hospital declined to answer questions regarding the circumstances.

Negligence in the state of Illinois results when a health care professional deviates from the definition of what is considered to be a standard of medical care. If you or a loved one has sustained improper treatment leading to life-changing circumstances, you have the right to speak to a person who can provide guidance and expertise as to how to handle your circumstances.

When we put our trust in doctors and other health care providers, we depend on them to execute the best outcome for our illness or disorders. Surgery is complicated, and personnel are obligated to exercise the utmost care. If a surgical error results in gross deviations from the standard of care, you have the right to possible compensation.

Source:  Quincy Herald Whig, “Lawyer: Claims of botched circumcision are untrue” Jul. 24, 2014


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