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Illinois crash involving milk truck kills 1

An accident involving a milk truck, a pickup truck and another vehicle on Illinois Route 140 has resulted in one fatality. Authorities said the truck carrying a load of milk was on its way to Dean’s Milk plant in O’Fallon, Illinois.

According to reports, the accident occurred on Route 140, east of Illinois Route 159. Police had received a distress call earlier. When Holiday Shores and Fosterburg fire protection districts, along with the Illinois State Police emergency vehicles arrived, the 51-year-old female driver of the Ford SUV was pronounced dead on the scene.

The driver of the semi-truck claims the cause of the accident was the tailgate of the Foster Township truck in the westbound lane. He indicated the tailgate fell off the truck and slid into the eastbound lane on Illinois Route 140. As the truck jumped over the tailgate, he swerved into the north field of the highway, rolling on top of the SUV.

He claimed it happened so fast, but he observed something come off the back and go under his truck. He didn’t realize he had ended up on top of another vehicle.

Supervisors have indicated the equipment is regularly checked and inspected. The model of the truck was 2007 and never had a previous problem.

The investigation is ongoing with Illinois State Police, and so far, no charges have been filed. The driver of the dump truck did not comment on the accident.

Truck accidents on public roads in Illinois can be the most deadly. If you have been involved or have had a loved one killed in an accident involving a truck, you have rights under the law to determine what factors were present that resulted in your injuries or losses. You deserve to have a person act on your behalf to investigate if any faulty equipment was the reason for your injuries or losses and if any negligence was involved. Compensation may be sought from an at-fault driver for many claims in civil court.

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