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Elopement and Wandering — Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing home residents live in nursing homes for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that they need constant monitoring. This is particularly true for residents with dementia or others who may be prone to wandering off, also known as elopement.

When a nursing home resident wanders off, he or she can be placed at an increased risk for falls and other accidents. In some extreme cases, the nursing home resident can wander off, leave the facility and die.

At the law firm of Kent M. Lucaccioni, Ltd., our Chicago nursing home abuse attorneys are dedicated to helping nursing home residents and their families. If your elderly loved one wandered off while in the care of a nursing home and was injured, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your rights and options. We offer a free initial consultation.

Is Your Loved One at Risk for Elopement?

If your elderly relative has dementia or suffers from any type of confusion, he or she may be at risk for wandering off. Many elopements happen within 48 hours of admittance into the nursing home — perhaps due to the individual’s desire to go home or to find a person he or she knows. Some risk factors that can lead to wandering or an increased wandering risk include:

  • New/unfamiliar environment
  • Changes in medication
  • Being left unmonitored/unattended
  • Change in routine

Per the Nursing Home Care Act, nursing home facilities and staff must comply with strict regulations to keep nursing home residents out of harm’s way. In the vast majority of wandering off cases, it is found that the nursing home failed to monitor the resident. Whether this is due to understaffing or inadequate background checks on workers’ qualifications, nursing home abuse and neglect can result in serious injury or even death.

Our lawyers are dedicated to holding nursing home facilities and workers to the high standards that your elderly loved ones deserve.

Does Your Family Need Help From a Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

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