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One of the most common types of nursing home malpractice stems from bed sores (also called pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers). Bed sores, decubitus or pressure ulcers are lesions in the skin caused by constant pressure on an area of skin. Pressure is the strongest on areas where the body has little natural cushioning, including tailbone (coccyx), spine, buttocks or heels. Because the elderly have thinner skin, the danger of bed sores becomes even more serious When they go untreated, bed sores can become infected, cause severe tissue damage to muscle and bones, and can even be fatal. Nursing homes are obligated to identify individuals at risk for bed sores and form and implement a care plan to prevent bed sores.

There are federal and state regulations that specify care for nursing home residents to prevent the formation of bed sore including maintenance of proper nutrition, hydration and repositioning residents to relieve pressure on certain areas of the body. There are pressure relieving devices such as special mattresses, beds, heel protectors and boots to prevent bed sores.

If a loved one has suffered bed sores, the nursing home may be liable for nursing home malpractice. If you have questions about these issues, we are here to help.

Elgin Nursing Home Neglect Attorney

Our lawyers combine more than a century of experience in personal injury litigation which has resulted in more than $100 million obtained, to date, for our clients and are committed to doing everything possible to obtain the best result if a loved one has been injured due to bed sores.

We are able to look into the medical history of patients, understanding any underlying medical conditions, including vascular conditions to determine if the resident was at risk for developing bed sores. From there, we review the nursing home records to determine:

  • Why and when did bed sores develop?
  • Were they preventable?
  • Was a care plan implemented and followed?

The answers to these questions will determine if a loved one was the victim of nursing home neglect.

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