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Nursing home neglect comes in various forms

While families in Illinois with loved ones who reside in a care facility may expect staff members to provide a certain quality of care, things might not always go as planned. Patients in similar scenarios who fail to receive the necessary treatment may suffer in various ways, and they may even struggle to take the necessary steps to protect their well-being. Those who worry that a family member might encounter similar concerns could benefit from knowing some of the most common forms of nursing home neglect.

While nursing home neglect can come in numerous forms, experts indicate that some of the most common types of such treatment could include:

  • Lack of treatment: Patients who are denied the necessary treatment for medical conditions could be left to watch as their health continues to deteriorate, or as new health concerns arise.
  • Denial of needs: Patients who reside in care facilities have legal rights and basic needs, and any violation of their rights or denial of their needs could bring about dire repercussions.
  • Lack of hygiene: Should staff members fail to help residents maintain a certain level of personal hygiene, the results could be devastating, as a lack of hygiene could bring about various health consequences.
  • Emotional harm: Patients who do not receive a certain standard of care may also start to feel abandoned and such behavior could open them up to severe emotional harm.

Those who feel their loved ones have suffered the consequences of neglect may wish to step in and protect against such negligence, but they might need assistance in the process.

Families with loved ones who suffer serious harm due to nursing home neglect could benefit from seeking legal counsel for advice on the next steps to take to seek restitution. An attorney can examine the circumstances a client in Illinois is facing and provide guidance on all his or her available options for legal recourse. Such advice could help place a person in a position to safeguard the well-being of his or her loved ones and if necessary, help him or her prepare to seek the compensation entitled through the necessary channels.


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