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Wild spring weather leads to multiple crashes in Illinois

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Uncategorized

If it seems to you like the snows should be over, you aren’t alone. That’s probably why there were so many multi-vehicle accidents in Illinois recently during a sudden mid-April snowfall. Drivers simply weren’t expecting the roads to suddenly turn treacherous overnight.

The snow that came down on April 15 was behind about 85 separate crashes that required police attention that day.

One accident on the Kennedy Expressway involved around 50 vehicles, including several big rigs, and kept traffic snarled for hours. At least 14 people were hospitalized due to that accident alone, and another 45 were treated at the scene for their injuries.

According to the authorities, many of the accidents involved vehicles that were simply moving too fast for the weather conditions. One fire department official stated, “It caused an effect where vehicles couldn’t stop behind them because of the high speeds they were traveling, and thus the amount of vehicles we have at this time.”

Multi-vehicle accidents can be among the most difficult to handle. Insurance companies may not willingly work together for the good of the victims. Some may try to pass the blame back and forth until the victim gives up hope of ever seeing compensation for their losses. Meanwhile, the bills pile up and the damage to their future is considerable.

It can take an experienced attorney to work through the difficulties associated with multi-vehicle accidents. It may take serious investigative efforts and accident reconstruction work to determine where the ultimate liability lies for someone’s injuries. If you’ve suffered injuries in a crash, find out your legal options.


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