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Common causes of car accidents

| Dec 19, 2019 | Uncategorized

In order to legally drive in Illinois people must be old enough and must also pass drivers’ tests. In these tests, people must learn and demonstrate that they understand the various traffic laws. Once they start driving on their own, the expectation is that they will continue to follow the rules they learned. Following these laws is important because when people fail to follow them car accidents can occur. These car accidents can be very serious as well, leaving people with severe injuries.

There are many different reasons car accidents occur. Some are due to circumstances out of the driver’s control, such as when there is snow and ice on the roads or because a tire blows out. However, many car accidents are caused by drivers’ actions. These causes include: distracted driving, such as people using their phones while driving; drunk driving; speeding; running red lights or running stop signs; driving too close; improper turns; driving under the influence of drugs and many other causes.

When people are in car accidents their lives can be changed forever. Some suffer very severe injuries and some may never fully recover. This means that they will no longer be able to do many activities they were able to do before the accident, including being able to work. Car accidents are also costly financially. In addition to losing income if they are unable to work, victims will most likely also incur significant medical bills for the medical care required to treat the injuries.

Many car accidents are relatively minor and cause little damage, but there are many others that cause significant injuries. Many of these accidents could have easily been avoided if people did not engage in negligent conduct.


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