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Nursing home is fined $25,000 after death of resident

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

As people grow older in Illinois, generally the body does not work like it did when people were younger. This usually means that people will have more health complications which need to be treated by physicians and other medical professionals. People try to live independently as long as they can, but there comes a point in time where that may not be feasible. In these situations, people may move into nursing homes where they can receive the proper care.

People will do their due diligence and try to select the best option, but even the best nursing homes do not always provide the proper care and nursing home abuse and neglect occurs. Recently a nursing home was fined $25,000 for their role in the death of a resident. The nursing home’s records indicated that for three days the resident’s health was declining, but they failed to notify the resident’s doctor until it was too late. They did not bring the patient to the doctor until he was found on the floor with abnormal vital signs. He was brought to the emergency room and he died less than 24 hours later. The doctor stated he should have been notified the first day there was a decline in the resident’s health.

This is an extremely tragic situation. The resident could have been saved potentially if the nursing home provided the proper care. Now the victim’s family is left grieving the loss of a loved one who passed away prematurely. The nursing home was fined, but they could also be responsible for compensating the victim’s family for their loss.

People in Illinois bring their loved ones to nursing homes to receive the medical care they need. They expect that the loved one will receive that care, but this does not always occur, and people sometimes die due to improper care. The family of the victim may be entitled to compensation for their loss. This will never replace the loss of a loved one, but still can be valuable and help hold the nursing home accountable for their actions. Consulting with an experienced attorney could be beneficial.


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