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Worker is in critical condition after construction accident

by | Oct 17, 2019 | Uncategorized

Construction projects occur all over Illinois and there are many projects occurring at any given time. This means that there are also many construction workers working on these projects as well. Construction workers and their families rely on these jobs in order to support themselves and their families. However, in order to work and be able to earn an income, the workers must be healthy enough to work. If they are seriously injured or killed in a construction accident it can be very devastating.

Unfortunately, this is what occurred to a construction worker recently while working on a project at the Museum of Science and Industry. A forklift which was moving some heavy equipment fell on the worker. The forklift trapped him in a six-foot hole as well. It took a long time to rescue the worker and after they were able to remove him, he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. The extent of his injuries was unknown, but he did have injuries to his arms and legs.

This worker will hopefully recover, but it will take some time to heal. Serious construction accidents can prevent people from working for a long time and sometimes construction workers will never be able to work again following a construction accident. This can make life very difficult for the worker and their family who rely on the income to meet their monthly obligations. Workers and their families may be entitled to compensation though, which can at least ease the financial burdens associated with the injury.

Construction workers in Illinois face dangers at their jobs that many other workers do not experience. While the majority of the time the workers are safe, accidents do occur and when they do the victims can be left with catastrophic injuries and be killed as well. This put the worker and their families in a very difficult position both physically and financially. While it will not heal the injuries, the compensation the worker may be entitled to can still be very valuable to the worker and their family. Experienced attorneys understand the importance of the compensation and may be able to help one receive it.


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