If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in an accident, it is important that you begin looking out for your best interests.

Helping victims of medical negligence in Illinois

People in Illinois are not experts in everything and from time to time need to hire other people to help them complete certain projects. This could be hiring an electrician, a plumber, taking their car to a mechanic and the use of other professionals. People also need to go to the doctor from time to time when they are sick or injured. Most people do not know what may be wrong with them and when they do know what is wrong may not have the expertise to fix the ailment.

Doctors have completed years of school and additional training to be in a position that they can properly care for people. So, when people do go to the doctor they expect that the doctor will do their job properly. This means analyzing illnesses and injuries properly so they properly diagnose the problem first. Once the issue is properly diagnosed, they expect the doctors to treat it correctly too. This could be through medication, surgery or a combination of both.

However, unfortunately doctors and other medical professionals make mistakes. This could be because they failed to diagnose an illness or injury or diagnosed it incorrectly. The mistakes could also come from how they treat the condition. Mistakes can also be made during surgery which includes the anesthesia. Doctors are expected to provide care as a reasonably prudent doctor would provide and when they do not the victims may be able to receive compensation from the doctor.

Doctors in Illinois make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes the doctor cannot fix what is wrong but other times the condition could have been healed if it were not for the doctor’s negligence. When this occurs it can create not only additional medical problems but also create financial hardships with the medical bills associated with the additional problems. At Kent M Lucaccioni LTD we have handled many medical malpractice cases and understand the complications associated with them. For more information please visit our medical negligence page on our website.


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