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Common forms of physical abuse suffered in nursing homes

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

One fact of life that no one in Illinois can avoid is the fact that they will get older. As people age their needs change and many people experience more and more health complications. Some of these complications will not require any additional help besides attending doctor appointments and taking prescriptions. However, many illnesses and health complications will require daily care and unfortunately many families are not able to provide the care that their loved ones require.

Therefore, many families will move their loved ones to nursing homes and assisted living situations. These places can provide a great service and provide the care people need, but some fall below the standards and people’s loved ones can suffer great harm at one. There are different types of nursing home abuse that people can suffer including emotional abuse, neglect, financial abuse, physical abuse and other types of abuse. All types of abuse can be very detrimental, but physical abuse can lead to significant health problems and even death.

Some common forms of physical abuse that people suffer in nursing homes include, but are not limited to, hitting, shoving, restraining, giving incorrect dosages of medicine or the wrong medication and causing other types of physical harm. Some signs that a loved one is the victim of physical abuse include bruising, broken bones, scars, health problems associated with overdoses or symptoms occurring that shouldn’t with when taking the prescribed medication, signs of restraints on wrists or ankles and other examples.

Physical abuse is something that should never take place in nursing homes in Illinois. If people find out that their loved ones are the victims of physical abuse, they could be entitled to compensation. This compensation can pay for the physical harm caused by the abuse and any medical bills associated with the injuries as well as compensation for any pain and suffering resulting from the injuries. These can be complicated cases though and consulting with an experienced attorney could be helpful.


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