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There are many victims of fatal car accidents each year

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Many people in Illinois drive their cars every day. People rely on them to drive to work, go to school, run errands, go shopping, drive their children to various activities, go to friends’ homes, entertainment and many other reasons. When people are driving to these various locations they are usually simply thinking about what they need to do or other aspects of life. Usually they are not thinking that they could be in a car accident, but that is a possibility every time people drive.

Some of these accidents are not very serious, but others can be very severe, cause life-changing injuries and many people lose their lives as well. Fatal accidents occur more than anyone would like as well. In 2017, there were a total of 998 fatal accidents in Illinois. These accidents occurred all over the state as. Five hundred and eighty occurred in urban areas and 418 occurred in rural areas. They also occurred on all days and at all times, however, most of them occurred on weekends in the evening and at night.

Fatal accidents can be particularly devastating as clearly someone loses their life, but they can also create very difficult situations for the family and friends of the victim. Not only are they left grieving the loss of the loved one, but also can be put in a very difficult financial situation, if the loved one provided a significant portion of the income for the family. These families may be able to receive compensation for their lost though. This can at least ease the financial hardships that may result from the loss of the loved one.

Unfortunately, many people in Illinois lose their lives each year in car accidents. Losing a loved one suddenly in that fashion can be particularly devastating for family members who have no time to prepare for their death. The emotional wounds may never heal, but people may be entitled to compensation to ease the financial hardships. Experienced attorneys understand how difficult it is to lose a loved one and may be a useful resource.


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