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Common types of birth injuries

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

While it is true that Illinois birth injuries are common, that does not mean they are to be expected or accepted. Many times injuries could have been prevented. Whether caused by a negligent doctor or medical error, any birth injury should be carefully reviewed to determine its cause.

Let us first define what a birth injury is. A birth injury occurs when a baby is harmed during the birth process. It can occur from the baby being turned the wrong way during delivery, commonly known as being “breached.” It can also occur from various birthing tools used by a physician. Some examples of those would be forceps or a vacuum attachment. In addition, birth injuries can be due to underlying medical issues that were unidentified by a physician prior to birth. Finally and most unfortunately, they can be caused by excessive pulling or twisting.

Birth injuries can be both internal and external. They may also be tragically fatal. Common injuries include clavicle, growth plate, and femur fractures. Brachial Plexus injuries, also known as Erb’s Palsy, occurs when the group of nerves just under the clavicle are injured by the pulling of the head in one direction, and the arm in another. It causes weakness in one arm, and usually heals on its own. However, if improvement is not seen in 6 months or less, surgery is sometimes required.

These are just a few of injuries that may occur. If a physician or medical team is negligent, injuries can be far worse or even fatal. If your child sustained a birth injury and you would like to know if you are entitled to compensation, an attorney can answer your questions.


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