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Birth injuries can lead to life-changing disorders in babies

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For an Illinois family, the birth of a child can be an exciting time. Learning that your child suffered injuries during the birth process can mar this momentous occasion and cause you distress and concern as you learn more about the impact of these injuries. In some cases, certain types of birth injuries can lead to life-altering complications and issues for a baby.

Two of the most common disorders seen in babies who experience birth injuries are cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy. Both of these can lead to lifelong issues for a child, and your family could be facing very expensive medical needs. You may feel overwhelmed and hopeless, but there could be legal options available to your family.

Complications and medical disorders

Both cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy most often develop as a result of injuries sustained during the actual birthing process. However, it is possible for cerebral palsy to develop before this point or even after birth. The differences and impacts of these two types of disorders include: 

  • Erb’s palsy – This disorder develops when a child suffers damage to his or her brachial plexus during the delivery process, the result of too much pressure on a baby’s head. This can lead to limb weakness, lack of movement in the hands and more.
  • Cerebral palsy – This can develop when the baby suffers an injury to the brain while in the womb or during birth, most often the result of a lack of oxygen to the baby. This can lead to slow development, lack of muscle tone and other complications.

Birth injuries often happen because a doctor failed to perform necessary interventions that could have helped the baby. This can include failure to do a cesarean delivery or failure to recognize how the size of the baby could impact the ease of delivery.

What can your family do?

If your family is dealing with the consequences of a complicated delivery and the subsequent injuries it caused to your baby, you have options. It is possible your family has legal grounds to pursue financial compensation through a civil claim against the liable parties, which may include the doctor, nurses or even the hospital where you delivered.

A complete evaluation of your case can help your family understand the options available and help you move forward with the most prudent and practical choice. For the sake of your child and your entire family, it can be beneficial to take immediate action to seek legal recourse.


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