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Video appears to show nursing home abuse, lawsuit filed

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Uncategorized

With advances in technology, the public has seen videos of disturbing acts, rather than just hearing about them. Since videos recording devices are cheap and easy to place and access, many are recording what is happening to them and around them. One video taken in a South Holland nursing home appears to show nursing home staff abusing an elderly patient. The video has sparked a personal injury lawsuit against the nursing home and several of the employees seen in the video.

The victim and the victim’s family have decided to remain anonymous, after the video was released showing the 76-year-old stroke and dementia patient being berated by the group of workers. The video is graphic and shows the six nursing home staff surrounding the man and ordering him to pull his pants down in what is alleged as nursing home abuse. The daughter of the victim claims that her father endured taunting, mockery and abuse. The family is seeking damages in Cook County court.

This isn’t the first personal injury lawsuit against the nursing home. Another case is still pending in Cook County court. It alleges that an elderly woman’s death was caused by improper administration of medication by the night nurse, who was the only person with access to the medication cabinet. The woman did pass away that night after being rushed to the hospital.

This video is an example of exactly what families hope to avoid when their loved one is placed in a nursing home. It is unclear who shot the video or how the footage was obtained. All nursing home residents have rights and that includes to be in an environment where they are not subject to abuse. Luckily, the man’s family appears to have been made aware of the incident and have moved forward accordingly.


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