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How do you know if your family has a valid birth injury claim?

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It can be devastating for your Illinois family to learn that your child suffered an injury during the birth process. The fact that your child could have injuries that will affect the rest of his or her life can mar what was a joyous occasion. In the days and weeks after, it may be beneficial for you to learn more about the options that could be available to you as a parent.

Families walking through the aftermath of a birth injury may feel confused and overwhelmed by their circumstances. With guidance, however, it may be possible to hold liable parties accountable and secure the help your child needs. Your family does not have to deal with these unfortunate circumstances alone.

The information your family needs

It is normal to have questions and concerns as your family learns how your child’s birth injury will impact your life. Your baby may have needs that will require ongoing support, surgeries and extensive care. This is daunting for a family, but it may be helpful to understand the following as you determine how to move forward:

  • A birth injury is the result of incident that happened during the birth process, either due to the actions of the doctor or because of lack of interventions.
  • If there is reason to believe the doctor was negligent, reckless or did not provide the necessary care, it could be grounds for a civil claim.
  • Through a malpractice claim, it may be possible to seek compensation for the needs of the injured child, as well as damages for the pain and suffering experienced by the parents.

These are just a few of the things you may need to know as you pick up the pieces and fight on behalf of your baby. The process of successfully obtaining compensation is not easy or short, but you do not have to walk through it on your own

Holding doctors accountable

During the birth of your child, you likely assumed that the doctor would provide you with adequate care and sufficient support. If he or she failed to provide care that met a certain standard, it is appropriate to seek legal recourse. A complete evaluation of your case with an experienced birth injury attorney can help you understand your rights as the parents.

When it is the immediate and future needs of your child on the line, you have no time to lose in securing the help you need and taking decisive action on his or her behalf.


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