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Work-related death of loved one could be construction negligence

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Uncategorized

When you kissed your loved one good-bye this morning, you never expected that would be the last time you’d see them. Sadly, this happens to too many Cook County families, especially construction workers, when they do not return home from a job. There are an infinite number of ways a person can be killed on a job site. For construction workers’, a move towards zero work deaths has been an unattainable goal to date.

Construction workers face a variety of safety issues on the job. This is true despite that fact that this is one of the most highly regulated industries in terms of safety, and expectation of employer and employee. Because there is heavy machinery, heights and other dangerous aspects involved with construction work, there are a variety of health and safety risks a construction worker may face in his or her time on the job. Since construction jobs can span a number of different situations, there is no telling exactly the hazards one may have faced just prior to passing away unexpectedly on the job.

For the loved ones left to pick up the pieces, finding answers in a loved one’s work death is paramount. OSHA will do a full investigation in any workplace death, the details of which can be helpful in determining construction negligence. Sometimes accidents are just accidents, but it is good to determine this for certain before you make any final decisions.

There isn’t any potential to turn back the hands of time after losing a loved one unexpectedly. However, time only moves in one direction. Be that as it made, those who may have contributed to a worker’s untimely death should be held accountable. Take the appropriate steps if you suspect this after loved one’s work death.


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