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County commissioners approve $4 million malpractice settlement

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

When you or a loved one needs medical care, you want to know that you can be cared for in a way that will be beneficial or at least stabilizing to your own or a loved one’s health. Doctors and hospital staff often do the very best they can and can perform what some would characterize as miracles.’ Other people do not have this experience and instead have a negative experience with their healthcare. These experience can result in a worsened medical condition or in a worst case scenario, death.

This was sadly the situation for one family who’s loved one was cared for in a Cook county medical facility and later suffered a brain injury due to the care received. While at Stroger Hospital in 2013, the woman received a procedure bedside called a pericardiocentesis. She suffered a brain injury due to the way in which the procedure was administered, according to the complaint. This medical procedure that removes fluid from the sac around the heart is typically done in a cardiac catherization laboratory, not bedside, as hers was administered.

The $4 million settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing, said representation for the hospital. Rather, they hope the settlement brings closure to the person and the family as the woman’s brain injury will likely be lifelong. Just recently, the commissioners agreed to a settle a lawsuit that alleged that a woman’s artery was cut during a 2013 pacemaker surgery at Stroger and the surgical error led to complications and her death. The board approved paying $6.45 million in this instance.

It seems heart-related procedures have given the Chicago-area hospital issues in recent years. Sadly, this has related in worsened health and even death for some patients related to medical malpractice. This is unacceptable. These people decided to seek damages for their loss.


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