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Slick roads cause accidents, at least one fatal, in Cook County

Icy road conditions recently struck Cook County and other parts of the greater Chicago area recently and have been blamed for car accidents across the area. Unfortunately, at least one of these accidents ended with a fatality.

Police say that winter precipitation left a thin coat of ice on many of the city’s roads, particularly on the south side of the city, even though highway officials did what they could to lay down chemical treatments designed to keep the roads safe. People reported cars spinning out and winding up in culverts across the city.

The ice was a contributing factor in some crashes involving more than one car as well. In one case, a large truck slammed in to another vehicle as both were traveling along one of Chicago’s major interstates. In another case, bystanders said that a collision between two cars left a person dead, although authorities have yet to verify that information.

While it is true that, to some extent, motorists in Chicago cannot control the weather, including ice, motorists are still responsible for maintaining control over their vehicles. If freezing rain or sleet makes the roads too slick for them to drive safely, then they should consider alternate transportation for that day.

Otherwise, they need to slow down and exercise extra care on the road, as they will need more time to turn or brake safely.

A driver might not have meant to do so, but if they lose control of their car on the road and cause a serious or fatal collision as a result, they may be held legally responsible to pay compensation to the victims or their families as the case may be.

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