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When nursing home staff do not notice things, we do

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Uncategorized

A previous post on this blog talked about how malnutrition in nursing homes is way too common in Illinois. Making matters worse, malnutrition cases in nursing homes are preventable as usually, a little bit of awareness on the part of the nursing home’s staff can stop a case of malnutrition from developing.

There are many reasons why nursing home staff members do not notice when a patient is not getting enough to eat or drink, but none of these reasons are really excuses. If a family suspects their loved one has been the victim of malnourishment, the family can and should evaluate their legal options and consider filing a lawsuit against the nursing home.

Our law office stands willing and ready to help victims of nursing home malnourishment and their families, particularly if the malnutrition caused a patient to suffer an untimely death or a worsened medical condition. It is also important for families to remember that sometimes, malnutrition, even if it is just starting to develop, can cause other accidents, which might, without proper investigation, appear to just be part of getting older and living in a nursing home, not negligence.

Our office encourages families whose loved ones have fallen suddenly or have come down with an unexplained illness to consider whether malnutrition may have played a role in the accident. With our knowledge and experience of nursing home neglect cases, we know how to investigate this possibility and ask the right questions.

There is simply no excuse of malnutrition in a nursing home. But, when it unfortunately happens, our office works diligently to help patients and their families get the justice they deserve.


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