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Chicago-area accident leaves 1 dead, 3 hospitalized

| Dec 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

A recent accident at an intersection in the suburbs west of Chicago killed one man and left three others with injuries significant enough to require hospitalization.

According to reports, one driver was heading north and was driving in an erratic manner, although police have not said that drugs or alcohol were involved in the accident. The northbound driver went through a red light at the intersection and, as a result, collided with three different vehicles, all of who were traveling west through the intersection and, presumably, had the right-of-way.

One victim had been critically injured at the scene of the accident and taken to a nearby hospital, where he died a short time afterward. In addition to the driver of the car that ran a red light, two other victims were taken to the hospital, while one person declined further medical assistance.

Traffic accidents at intersections can be very serious affairs. Particularly when there is a traffic signal involved, motorists with the right-of-way assume that they can travel through an intersection with either no or only a slight reduction in speed. If a person with a red light drives into the same intersection without responding to the traffic signal, the result is a sudden crash at moderate to high speeds. Not surprisingly, people often leave these accidents with serious injuries, assuming they survive at all.

After a car accident at an intersection, a family may be left without a loved one or having to help their family member recover from a debilitating injury. Assuming the accident was the fault of a driver who was careless in some way, such as by blowing through a red light, these families are able to seek out compensation through a wrongful death or personal injury cause of action.

Source: NBC 5, “84-year-old man killed in crash near Oakbrook Center,” Nov. 30, 2017


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