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Man installing sign dies in fatal construction accident

| Feb 9, 2017 | Uncategorized

Any type of construction work in Illinois and throughout the U.S. carries with it a certain amount of risk. Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but, in general, those who are working on a construction site in any capacity must be fully aware of their surroundings to avoid a fatal construction accident. When there is an unfortunate incident and a worker dies, an investigation is imperative to determine whether the accident happened due to construction negligence, a mistake on the part of those working on the site, weather conditions, or for any other reason. With the death of a worker in the course of employment, the investigation can be key to pursuing compensation in a legal filing.

An accident occurred as construction workers were installing a sign at a shopping center and a 47-year-old worker died. Emergency crews arrived at the scene, where they found the man. It is not known what caused his death. When emergency personnel were called, they were told that someone was trapped. There were two men working in the tower and a third man on the ground. The other worker in the tower was helped down and no one else was hurt. Law enforcement and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating.

When there is a fatal construction accident, the family left behind will have a lot to think about in the aftermath. Knowing how and why the incident happened can be complicated and the evidence might not be blatant. The family, dealing with the funeral expenses and coming to grips with the suddenness of the incident, will frequently allow certain facts to pass without understanding what they mean. Knowing whether the rules and regulations were adhered to is a key factor in a wrongful death case. Since so many construction workers are injured or killed, having experienced help in considering a case is important.

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