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Fatal car accident statistics continue to rise across the U.S.

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In an effort to decrease the number of car accidents across the U.S., studies are undertaken to determine their frequency and how they happened. People in Illinois who are involved in a crash with injuries or fatalities need to be cognizant of the details of these accidents.

Recent studies for 2016 indicate that the number of people involved in a fatal car accident rose for the second consecutive year. During the months from January to September of 2016, the Department of Transportation approximates that nearly 28,000 people were killed in car accidents. This is eight percent higher than the same period for 2015. Although the roads in the U.S. are substantially safer than they were in the past, there is concern among government officials about these recent statistics.

In 2015, there were 7.2 percent more deaths in motor vehicle accidents. This was the highest increase in five decades. Economic issues are considered a factor in the number of fatalities on the road. In what could be viewed as a positive turning into a negative, the improved economy and a reduction in the price of gas have led to a greater number of people taking to the road. Analysts also attribute distracted drivers and warmer weather conditions as being factors that have led to more accidents.

One safety researcher for AAA wants to examine drug tests of those who were in an accident, with concerns over marijuana use being the justification for such a study. Because not every state conducts these tests, it is difficult to come to a determination as to how often it is a factor.

People who are injured or suffer the loss of a loved one in a fatal car accident must be aware of the potential causes of the crash. Whether it was negligence, operating under the influence, or recklessness, understanding the details of the accident can help with a lawsuit. An attorney experienced in pursuing compensation after an automobile accident can help with the investigation and moving forward with a claim.

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