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Relatives working on cables involved in work-related accident

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There are types of jobs in Illinois that carry with them the inherent dangers of a work-related accident taking place. This might have to do with construction negligence if that is the kind of job the person is doing, but there are numerous other jobs, physical and not, that can lead to an accident. Working with dangerous materials or electricity can cause injury. In a worst case scenario, this might result in worker death. The family that has suffered the loss of a loved one must make certain that they are fully aware of their rights to pursue compensation in a legal filing.

A noon accident involving an uncle and his nephew as they worked on fiber optic cables led to the death of the 32-year-old uncle. The nephew, 23, was listed in critical condition. According to law enforcement, the men were working when they came in contact with power lines. When emergency crews arrived, both men were on the ground believed to have been electrocuted. The uncle was on fire and died. The nephew was said to be still moving. After dragging him away with fiberglass poles, he was airlifted to the hospital.

With any accident involving a worker, the investigation as to how it happened will often be the determinative factor as to whether a legal filing is viable. There could have been safety violations, failure to adhere to regulations, not following codes, or not adhering to required procedures. There could also have been an issue with the safety equipment or the workplace itself. When the accident happens at a job to which the workers have traveled, it is even more imperative to have all the reports and to conduct an independent investigation to see its circumstances.

In this case, two men were electrocuted as they worked with cables for a communication company. One died and the other was severely injured. Given that it is still not known how this work-related accident and worker death came about, it is all the more important that the family have legal help. For that, they should contact a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.

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