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One birth injury claim can lead to a domino effect

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When an infant is injured during pregnancy or during the birthing process, it is not always easy for its parents to summon the energy to file a legal claim related to that injury. The infant’s mother is often overwhelmed with recovering physically from the birthing process. Both parents tend to be mentally, emotionally and physically overwhelmed by what has happened to their child.

Hesitation to file a legal claim is understandable for many reasons. But it is important to understand that there are also many reasons to file a claim. Not only can a properly prepared legal case help to ensure that a child’s medical expenses are covered well into the future, it can also help to inspire others to come forward. When enough pressure is placed on a physician and/or medical facility to change its ways, additional infant injury due to medical negligence can be prevented.

A recent case

One recent story of a birth injury claim leading to a domino effect illustrates this point beautifully. According to the Houston Press, three separate families are currently filing birth injury claims against the same physician and the same medical facility. Under this physician’s care, the birthing process of one infant led to brain injury. The birthing process of another infant led to catastrophic injuries. And the birthing process of the final infant led to death.

It is unclear which infant’s family came forward first with their story. But given that all three families are being represented by the same firm, it is reasonable to assume that one family’s story inspired the others to come forward as well.

The heavy lifting

It is important for parents of an infant affected by a birth injury to understand that a personal injury attorney experienced in birth injury cases will be able to do the majority of the “heavy lifting” in order to file the injury claim and see it through. Certainly, parents will be involved in the legal process and that process may not always be easy. But an attorney’s job is essentially to advocate for a client and to do the heavy lifting on the legal end of things.

You may be exhausted. You may be understandably overwhelmed. But if your child was injured during pregnancy or birth and a medical provider contributed to that injury, it may be well worth your time and energy to reach out to an attorney. Not only may your energy benefit your child, it may benefit countless other future children as well.


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