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Man delivering pipe dies in fatal work-related accident

While many workers in Illinois might have jobs that include a certain amount of risk if not outright danger, they may not expect that they will go to work and not come home. Unfortunately, accidents will happen and it can result in the death of a worker in the course of employment. Whether this is due to construction negligence or happened for any other reason, it is important that the family left behind protects themselves with legal advice to determine if there is cause to move forward with a case for the fatal work-related accident.

A truck driver died when the pipes he was hauling came loose from his vehicle and hit him. The incident occurred when another worker was unloading the water main pipes from the truck. The 24-year-old man who was hit by the pipes was taken to the hospital and declared dead. The medical examiner stated that the man died due to blunt force injuries and determined that it was an accidental death. The company he worked for is a subcontractor for a construction company that was installing mines for a new water main.

There are many different reasons why a worker can be killed while performing his or her duties. It can be because of mistakes that were made, rules violations, failure to adhere to proper safety procedures and due to many other issues. One of the keys to finding out who is at fault is having a full investigation of the situation. The family that has lost a loved one will have to think about funeral costs as well as the aftermath of the accident in which they might have personal and financial problems due to the person’s death. Legal advice is imperative when deciding how best to proceed.

The facts of the case are still being investigated by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, and it remains to be seen what the outcome of that investigation will be, and whether the man’s family will be able to pursue legal action. Individuals in situations such as this may want to work with an attorney to determine if they have a cause of action for wrongful death.

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