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Legal assistance after a fatal failure to diagnose in Illinois

by | Mar 24, 2016 | Uncategorized

For people in Chicago, and anywhere else in the country, the obvious response to feeling certain symptoms or having a medical issue is to go to a doctor or to the hospital for treatment. While this is meant to provide care and deal with the symptoms, some patients become an unwitting victim of a doctor’s mistake. Missing a diagnosis or not diagnosing a problem in an adequate timeframe to help can be a major cause to a person becoming sicker or even dying. It is when there is a fatal failure to diagnose that the family left behind needs to have knowledge on how to pursue legal compensation.

There are many medical problems that can lead to death. The worst case scenario might have been averted had the medical staff not made a mistake. Heart attack, stroke, cancer, pulmonary embolism, infections and more can all be mitigated or completely avoided if the medical professionals are simply able to read the symptoms, make an accurate diagnosis and administer treatment. Medical malpractice death can be even worse than a person who just got ill and died because something could have been done to prevent it if the medical professionals were more vigilant. This is when the family needs to consider a wrongful death medical malpractice lawsuit.

In most cases, medical professionals do not have the immediate ability to recognize a particular problem just by looking at a patient. However, there are clear signs of certain illnesses than a well-trained person will be able to understand and act upon. A failure to do so can do irreparable harm to the victim and the victim’s family. That family might lose a treasured loved one who was not only a significant contributor to the home’s emotional well-being, but also helped out financially. Families are often unaware that a mistake was made or that they have the option to file a legal claim to be compensated.

One of the most important factors after a fatality due to a delay in diagnosis – no matter the circumstances – is to ensure that a full investigation is conducted, evidence is gathered and the reality of the situation is realized. To recover compensation after a medical malpractice death, the victim’s family should contact an experienced attorney who can review and discuss the facts and legal circumstances of the case.


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