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What is the average cost of a car accident fatality in Illinois?

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Car accidents in Illinois cause grave injuries and fatalities each year. Car accidents can also create a financial crisis for the family of an accident victim. Federal and state authorities have conducted many studies in order to gauge the annual cost of car accidents on victims, their family members, negligent drivers and insurance companies.

Car accidents claim thousands of lives each year. Studies have found that Illinois residents under the age of 34 years are more vulnerable to car accident fatalities than any other age group. A staggering $1.32 billion has been calculated as the cost of fatal car accidents in Illinois in the most recent census. And unfortunately, the deaths of adolescents and minor children represent the largest percentage of this amount.

The cost of car accident-related injuries is billions of dollars every year when medical expenses, lost wages, other benefits as well as compensation awarded to car accident victims are all considered. These serious injuries may not only be fatal but may also render a victim disabled and unemployed.

The best method of preventing such high costs for car accident injuries is by preventing the accident itself. All car drivers are encouraged to maintain road safety and strictly follow all traffic regulations. Lawsuits relating to car accident personal injury cases or wrongful death lawsuits can become very expensive. Lawyers work on behalf of their clients who have been injured in car accidents to seek maximum compensation in order to pay for their medical expenses. Unfortunately, the compensation cannot resolve the feelings of grief and sadness from injury or losing a loved one. However, the money can help to ease the financial burden that inevitably occurs after a serious motor vehicle accident.

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