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Dead woman’s family claims wrongful death in nursing home

by | Dec 4, 2014 | Uncategorized

An ailing elderly person usually goes to the hospital or a nursing home during times of health crisis and ailment. However, negligent care and the apathy of some medical practitioners seem to be increasing in nursing homes and hospitals today, and this has become a cause for great concern to patients and family members. Owing to numerous instances of nursing home death cases in Illinois, the state has taken strict measures to punish the guilty.

Recently a wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the family of an elderly Illinois woman who allegedly died due to nursing home negligence. The victim had been admitted to the hospital and later to a convalescent home due to pulmonary disease. The victim allegedly had called for assistance several times to escort her to a restroom, but her call was not heeded by the nursing home staff. It was alleged that due to such negligence and an undertrained staff, the elderly woman attempted to go to the bathroom on her own and fell and died while in the bathroom unassisted.

Any nursing home resident, but especially an elderly patient, is vulnerable to nursing home negligence. Owing to advanced age, senior citizens in Illinois need appropriate medical care on a regular basis and many elderly patients are admitted permanently to nursing home facilities due to their medical conditions. Nursing home negligence and nursing home deaths can be tragic for the family of affected residents.

The family of a victim of a nursing home death is not left without any legal recourse. The victim’s family may be able to initiate a wrongful death lawsuit to address the nursing home negligence or medical negligence that lead to the victim’s demise.

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