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The legal options when a death is caused by medical negligence

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When a person takes ill, family and friends try to find that person the best possible medical treatment. They entrust physicians and hospitals to take care of their loved one to ensure a quick and complete recovery. However, sometimes, hopes are shattered when that loved one dies during the course of medical treatment. This loss becomes more difficult to accept if is it is revealed that this tragic death was due to medical negligence, either by the physician or hospital staff.

According to Illinois laws, medical malpractice constitutes negligence on the part of a physician or a member of the medical staff at a hospital or medical facility which results in an injury, illness or death of a patient. Malpractice also constitutes failure to act or to act improperly at the time of need. Some examples of medical malpractice could be delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis, errors during surgery, incorrectly administering anesthesia, negligent care provided in the emergency room and injuries caused to an infant at the time of birth.

When any of these negligent actions lead to the death of a patient, survivors have the right to seek legal recourse. However, these civil actions are often complicated and require the right advice, guidance and in-depth investigations to hold a negligent physician or doctor liable.

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