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Illinois student survives crash and shares story

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A car crash caused by a drunk driver left one passenger in a wheelchair and claimed the life of another.

The surviving passenger was a student at Illinois State University and was driving with fellow students when another vehicle struck theirs in Bloomington. She explained she was riding in the back seat with another friend and two others were riding in front. The young lady was taken to the hospital suffering multiple fractures to her spine and pelvis. She was in a wheelchair for two months.

She spoke about her experience and her survival. She shared her story in an effort to support the Illinois State Police and Department of Transportation’s collaboration to encourage safe driving during the holiday weekend.

University students are frequently known for over-indulging and getting behind the wheel. The young lady who was left in a wheelchair had also been drinking the night of the accident but claimed she and her friends called a designated driver who was able to drive to come pick them up.

According to her story, the young lady and her friends had a green light, and their vehicle was crossing an intersection at about 30 mph when they were struck by another vehicle. She told police the operator of the vehicle causing the accident was going at an excessive rate of speed when he ran a red light, hit the brakes and smashed into the students’ vehicle at about 90 mph.

One of the students in the front seat was transported to a local hospital with head injuries, but he later died.

The driver of the other vehicle, a 37-year-old female from Bloomington-Normal area, had been reportedly seen at a local bar that evening, later testing a blood alcohol level about twice the legal state limit. She was required to await trial on charges of aggravating driving under the influence.

In the state of Illinois, being involved in car accidents can lead to life-changing consequences. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash or accident on a public road, you deserve to get the best possible help for your case in order to receive just compensation under the law.

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