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More details emerge in trucking accident in Illinois

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Uncategorized

News sources are revealing more information in the ongoing investigation of the fatal I-55 crash caused by a 51-year-old driver in a tragic chain reaction that killed four people and injured four others

The driver of a tractor-trailer involved in the multi-vehicle crash was charged and ordered held on $1 million bail. The 51-year-old from Leesburg, Indiana, was charged with falsifying his logbook in a willful manner, including stating incorrect starting hours. He was also cited for refusal to reduce speed.

According to authorities, the driver was exceeding the posted construction site speed when he crashed into one vehicle. That led to a chair reaction involving three other vehicles and a tractor-trailer. As emergency vehicles were dispatched to help, helpful victims and witnesses were unable to do anything to help until rescue personnel arrived.

The interstate is a deadly area to travel. Another fatal accident occurred just minutes after this one and only about three miles away. In the last couple of years, there have been many accidents on this stretch of the interstate.

The truck driver had been cited in the last 22 years for operating a commercial vehicle without a license as well as six other vehicle violations.

I-55 has seen its share of collisions and has attracted the attention of the governor who has committed to examine a reconstruction project designed to scrutinize recent deadly accidents. Governor Quinn has issued a statement saying he will be scrutinizing the construction project.

Fatalities on Illinois public roadways often can be prevented. As construction site zones employ safety measures set forth by the state highway commission, many deaths are caused by trucking accidents and company policies that pressure drivers to arrive on time. This can lead to falsification of logbooks and over-fatigued drivers.

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Source: NBC Chicago, “Truck Driver Held on $1M Bail in Fatal I-55 Chain Reaction Crash” Lauren Petty, Jul. 23, 2014


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